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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2011 — San Diego, CA

My roommates decided to throw a holiday party and the theme- Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

I was really sad I couldn’t fly out to New York this past month and help host my sister’s Annual Holiday Cookie Decorating Party.

Anyways, I got to go to the Ugly Christmas sweater party for a little bit before I had to head off to work. I tried to look for ugly christmas sweaters by going to The Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Thrift Stores. I couldn’t find one. As I was looking through the stores, I realized that they have really good deals on books! I found at least 1 book at each store that I wouldnt have minded reading for under a dollar!

Ok anyways, here are some of the ugly sweaters (and their owners)




If you can’t tell.. These are the white elephant gifts.


And of course, boys playing Wii.


I can’t wait until Christmas! It’s only a few days away. This year we’re having it at my parent’s place instead of my aunts. It’s always nice to be around family 🙂



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