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The Egg House Pop Up – Lower East Side, New York City

The Egg House is an egg themed pop up in New York City.

I saw an ad for it while scrolling through facebook, and because I am in New York right now, I thought I should go check it out!

My ticket was $18, and I brought my nephew along. Because he’s under 3 years old, he was able to go in for free with me.

I picked the first time slot of the day, so there weren’t too many people when we got in.

And of course I made him take photos!



He saw the ball pit, and of course immediately wanted to go in.


We spent a good 30-40 mins in the ball put as he was jumping in and having loads of fun (as any toddler would in a pool full of plastic balls)

I can’t wait to check out another pop up!



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