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South Africa Trip – Part 6 – Boulders Beach – Cape Town

Another must see when you go to Cape Town – The penguins at Boulders Beach!

There is a small entrance fee onto the beach to see the penguins, but it’s definitely worth it! (Also, you aren’t allowed on the sand with the penguins. You will be on a pedestrian deck and will be able to take photos. But if you want to get really close to the penguins, you find a couple of them off the beach and on pathways)

Can you see them?

What about now?cape-town-tour-1137PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1138PINIMAGE

They were definitely fun to watch.


Did you know that penguins molt their feathers?

Can you spot the ones that are molting their feathers below? cape-town-tour-1156PINIMAGE

Here’s a close up of a penguin. cape-town-tour-1183PINIMAGEAnd a close up of one molting.

I wish I had brought a better telephoto lens to capture more individual penguins, because even though they look somewhat the same, the don’t!

Next penguin viewing goal- Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. #Bucketlist



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