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South Africa Trip – Part 5 – Llandudno – Cape Town

While I was researching things to do in Cape Town, Llandudno kept showing up on places to go. When I told my driver that I wanted to go to Llandudno, he said we can drive through, but it’s just residential and nothing to really do or look at. But I said it was on my list, so we might as well see what it’s all about!

Residential is correct. (And by the way, I would LOVE to live here! A lot of new construction homes that are beautiful and right by the water.


As the road curved, I asked my driver to stop and park. We literally just parked right in front of some random houses.  I saw a little pathway, and thought- We need to walk through this and get closer to the water! I climbed a few rocks and this is what I came across!


And I’m glad I did! It was so beautiful! cape-town-tour-1077PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1081PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1082PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1087PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1090PINIMAGE


It was very calm and peaceful! If I were able to have a vacation home anywhere- it would definitely be here! Especially if I could climp a few rocks to get here! cape-town-tour-1085PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1114PINIMAGE


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