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South Africa Trip – Part 4 – Table Mountain – Cape Town

After doing the whole Safari thing, I headed over to Cape Town. I only had a day and a half in Cape Town, so everything was basically jam packed into a day.

I was told I should go to Table Mountain as soon as it opens, as there can be a long line! And was also told to also try and go the first day, as Table Mountain closes if the winds are strong (so that if it is closed, I can try the next day).

I suggest buying tickets online as well. There are 2 lines – people who have already purchased tickets, vs people who need to buy tickets. They let all the people with pre-purchased tickets in first. They also have wifi where you wait in line, so you can easily purchase tickets while waiting inline. Even though I was one of the first groups inline to purchase a ticket, I definitely was not one of the first people to get in (especially with all the tour buses that come through!!) – That is if you decide to take the cable cars. You also have the option of hiking.

Anyways, time for pictures!


In the cable car on the way up!


Views from Table Mountain. cape-town-tour-1010PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1011PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1013PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1019PINIMAGE



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