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San Diego Power Outage September 8, 2011 — San Diego, CA

Wow. Yesterday, San Diego had some major power outage. I mean, we’ve had black outs before, but not for this long!

I got home a little bit after 3:30pm opened the garage door, parked my car. Then while I was closing the garage door, it just stopped. I was thinking what the heck? Are you kidding me? So I ran upstairs and checked my power box thing (?) and all the switches were turned on. Ok, whatever, I will leave my garage door open. There was no power to the whole house! I had just gotten a fan too. Are you kidding me? It was hot! Nothing was working, I figured hey, it’s just me, I’ll just wait it out a bit.

I take a short nap, I wake up sweating and hearing my name being yelled from outside. I look outside, no ones there. I must have been imagining things. So I try to go back to sleep. I hear my name again. It’s my roommate. She wants me to help her open the garage door more so she can park her car in the garage. I find out, it’s not just our house, it’s all of San Diego.

We had nothing to do. So we decided to go to the pool. Took a swim and read a magazine. (If you’re wondering what magazine, I read Glamour).


(Sorry, it’s a camera phone photo. But I do like the ap instagram because I look rustic looking photos).

We went back in before it got dark so we didn’t have to take a shower in the dark. I still ended up taking one in the dark because my bathroom doesn’t really get a lot of natural light in.

We decided to see if anything was open, because we needed candles before it got really dark. Nothing was open, big surprise. Good thing we have ways of getting things that we really need.


Then it got really dark, and we had nothing to do. We didn’t want to play board games by the candles because it was too hot. So we decided to make a trek outside around 8:30.

The options were go to a casino so we can eat, or drive up to Irvine.

We got about halfway up to Irvine and saw lights on in Oceanside. So we stopped at Oceanside and got some Mexican Food. Then drove back down. Lights were slowly starting to come back on.

We got home around 10:30 and our power was working, but a lot of people still didn’t have power.

That’s my story. What’s yours?



Oh, yeah, I realized, if a natural disaster happened, I would be very unprepared. I just had a case of water a can of soup. I guess I should go grocery shopping so I can be more prepared next time :/



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