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Peter and Richard come to Korea -January 2011– Seoul, South Korea

Yay! Peter and Richard came to Korea back in January (I know, I’m really behind with my blogging).

I love it when people come, because then I have to go out. Normally I won’t because I’m so tired, but when people come, even though I’m exhausted I still go out and meet them!

So I asked Peter and Richard, who came seperately, to bring me swiss miss hot chocolate. And did either one of them bring it for me?? nope!

But I guess it’s ok since Peter paid for dinner 🙂 We ate a a place in Gangnam.



We had some drinks with one of Richard’s old coworkers. And we all knew some mutual people so we got to talk about them :p


Me looking extremely tired with the boys. I need to get my act together before I come back to the states. I can’t go on looking like this!


Anyways, I love it when people visit!!! 🙂

We got to share some deep secrets. Haha. Jk.


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