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A lot of my photography these days consist of me taking photos of listings that I’m currently working on in the New York State Real Estate game.

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, I thought I might just post some of my real estate photos that I use for marketing purposes.

My listings include areas all over New York City

Bushwick, Brooklyn

172 Wilson 3A-1006PINIMAGE172 Wilson 3A-1014PINIMAGE

Stuyvesant Heights (Bed-Stuy), Brooklyn

735 Greene-1004PINIMAGE735 Greene-1038PINIMAGE735 Greene-1024PINIMAGE

Upper East Side, Manhattan350 E 82-1002PINIMAGE

Battery Park City, Manhattan325 North End Ave 10Q-1006PINIMAGE325 North End Ave 10Q-1015PINIMAGE

Williamsburg, Brooklyn808 Driggs 4E-1006PINIMAGE808 Driggs 4E-1009PINIMAGE


I’ll try and post more photos of listings that I am working on, or have worked on 🙂



Chrissy Kim


When you research Cape Town, besides the beach, what else pops up?

Those colorful houses!

This is Bo-Kaap – formally known as the Malay Quarter.

Throughout my trip in South Africa, I was constantly learning something new. I learned a little bit about the apartheid which made this visit to Bo-Kaap much more significant than just seeing colorful houses. I definitely suggest learning the history of places you visit!




And that’s it for all my South Africa posts!

If you want some more photos of anything in particular or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!



Chrissy Kim


Another must see when you go to Cape Town – The penguins at Boulders Beach!

There is a small entrance fee onto the beach to see the penguins, but it’s definitely worth it! (Also, you aren’t allowed on the sand with the penguins. You will be on a pedestrian deck and will be able to take photos. But if you want to get really close to the penguins, you find a couple of them off the beach and on pathways)

Can you see them?

What about now?cape-town-tour-1137PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1138PINIMAGE

They were definitely fun to watch.


Did you know that penguins molt their feathers?

Can you spot the ones that are molting their feathers below? cape-town-tour-1156PINIMAGE

Here’s a close up of a penguin. cape-town-tour-1183PINIMAGEAnd a close up of one molting.

I wish I had brought a better telephoto lens to capture more individual penguins, because even though they look somewhat the same, the don’t!

Next penguin viewing goal- Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. #Bucketlist



Chrissy Kim


While I was researching things to do in Cape Town, Llandudno kept showing up on places to go. When I told my driver that I wanted to go to Llandudno, he said we can drive through, but it’s just residential and nothing to really do or look at. But I said it was on my list, so we might as well see what it’s all about!

Residential is correct. (And by the way, I would LOVE to live here! A lot of new construction homes that are beautiful and right by the water.


As the road curved, I asked my driver to stop and park. We literally just parked right in front of some random houses.  I saw a little pathway, and thought- We need to walk through this and get closer to the water! I climbed a few rocks and this is what I came across!


And I’m glad I did! It was so beautiful! cape-town-tour-1077PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1081PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1082PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1087PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1090PINIMAGE


It was very calm and peaceful! If I were able to have a vacation home anywhere- it would definitely be here! Especially if I could climp a few rocks to get here! cape-town-tour-1085PINIMAGEcape-town-tour-1114PINIMAGE