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Happy 2nd Birthday Esme! Her Birthday theme was Cats and Cupcakes!

Esme Birthday-1002PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1001PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1025PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1207PINIMAGE

The red wagon was a hit! Esme Birthday-1021PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1017PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1141PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1163PINIMAGE

Time for Cake! Esme Birthday-1201PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1202PINIMAGE

Kids, they love cupcakes and cake!
Esme Birthday-1211PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1212PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1214PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1217PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1233PINIMAGE

2 year olds.. They are so fun to watch!

Esme Birthday-1038PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1076PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1099PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1122PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1153PINIMAGE

Esme Birthday-1256PINIMAGEHappy 2nd Birthday Esme!

Esme Birthday-1263PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1264PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1239PINIMAGE



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A lot of my photography these days consist of me taking photos of listings that I’m currently working on in the New York State Real Estate game.

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, I thought I might just post some of my real estate photos that I use for marketing purposes.

My listings include areas all over New York City

Bushwick, Brooklyn

172 Wilson 3A-1006PINIMAGE172 Wilson 3A-1014PINIMAGE

Stuyvesant Heights (Bed-Stuy), Brooklyn

735 Greene-1004PINIMAGE735 Greene-1038PINIMAGE735 Greene-1024PINIMAGE

Upper East Side, Manhattan350 E 82-1002PINIMAGE

Battery Park City, Manhattan325 North End Ave 10Q-1006PINIMAGE325 North End Ave 10Q-1015PINIMAGE

Williamsburg, Brooklyn808 Driggs 4E-1006PINIMAGE808 Driggs 4E-1009PINIMAGE


I’ll try and post more photos of listings that I am working on, or have worked on 🙂



Chrissy Kim


When you research Cape Town, besides the beach, what else pops up?

Those colorful houses!

This is Bo-Kaap – formally known as the Malay Quarter.

Throughout my trip in South Africa, I was constantly learning something new. I learned a little bit about the apartheid which made this visit to Bo-Kaap much more significant than just seeing colorful houses. I definitely suggest learning the history of places you visit!




And that’s it for all my South Africa posts!

If you want some more photos of anything in particular or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!



Chrissy Kim