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Whether you rent of you buy -you will need to learn the art of compromising – distinguishing between what you need, want, and are wishing for.

Unless you’re part of the 1% of the uber rich, you’ll soon realize that somewhere along the line, (in Real Estate and anywhere else) you will have to compromise some of your needs into wants. Some of your needs hold greater bearing than some of your other needs. After visiting a few places you will learn that what you think you need, is something that you want, and what you want is really just what you’re wishing for. It’s all about compromising and figuring out what is more important to you.

I try to do my best and show my clients what is in there criteria, but sometimes there’s a give and take.

I always ask my clients the necessities – What location are you looking to be in? How many bedrooms?  And what are you comfortable spending on rent?

I like to first take my clients to the area they want to live in with their budget and room size.  Once they see it, it becomes clear what is important and what aspects they value more. Is area important? Is the size of the home important? Is the type of building important?

Price, location, size, type of building. Sometimes, you’re going to have to let 1 or 2 of them go. If you’re looking in a specific location for a specific price – you might have to give up on the size and type of building you want. If you’re set on a price and size of the apartment, you might have to be open on the location.

Throughout some of my blog posts, I’ll take you on a journey on what you can get throughout the city at certain price points and bedrooms.  Searching for what my clients wants is always fun because it allows me to get to know them better. Once we go to 1 or 2 places, I know what they’ll want and it’s always great to show them something that they fall in love with!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me through phone, text, email, comments, facebook, instagram, etc!



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Tower 31 is a luxury high rise that also offers a roof deck with 360 panoramic views. The amenities include access to a state of the art fitness room, lounge with large flat screen TV, wireless internet, 16 seat movie theater style screening room, work out classes and a continental breakfast served monday to friday!

The homes feature floor to ceiling double paned windows that makes is bright and stunning! It has nice white oak floors, 9 foot ceilings, and ample closet space! The kitchen has granite countertops, Moen sinks, stainless steel appliances, porcelain tile floors and a mosaic tile backsplash. The bathroom has porcelain tile floors, luna marble tub surround, and an oversized shower head. The corner units bring in a lot of light and the 2 bedrooms have an in unit washer and dryer!

9 West 31st St Tower 31-1016PINIMAGE9 West 31st St Tower 31-1021PINIMAGE9 West 31st St Tower 31-1015PINIMAGE9 West 31st St Tower 31-1019PINIMAGE
9 West 31st St Tower 31-1013PINIMAGE9 West 31st St Tower 31-1017PINIMAGE9 West 31st St Tower 31-1022PINIMAGE
9 West 31st St Tower 31-1024PINIMAGE
Located in the heart of Manhattan, you will be nestled into the crossroads where most of New York’s major subway lines converge. It is also only a block away from the PATH train and the LIRR. You will also find everything you need at your fingertips – whether it’s shopping, eating or a place to just hang out!

This is also a great building for international students!


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Abington House is located in Chelsea right along the Highline.

This is a full service luxury building offers amazing amenities for its residents! The fitness center is by Equinox, there are club rooms to reserve and even a sanctuary quiet room! There is a rooftop deck which you can BBQ on overlooking the Highline. An attached parking garage, and even an ATM in the building!

The modern, luxury homes feature a gourmet granite kitchen with stainless steel appliances and in unit laundry. Solar shades in the living room and black out shades in the bedroom. This home is the epitome of luxury living in West Chelsea.


You will be located just steps from the Highline, and the Chelsea Gallery district. Right when you walk out of the lobby, you can find yourself a nice coffee shop to get yourself going.



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So, you might be asking what I have been doing lately? With my move to New York, and with much thought –  I have decided to get out of the hospitality industry and get into Real Estate!

I began taking real estate courses towards the end of last year, took my state exam and am now licensed in the State of New York!

After researching brokerages, I decided to start my new change in career with Hudson Real Estate.

I will still be freelancing as a photographer – so don’t worry – you will still see me taking portraits and shooting events! But now, you will also see photos of places in New York City!

I have always been curious to know what a building looks like inside, and now I get to feed that curiosity!

You will be seeing (more often then not) what types of buildings and units I have been visiting! From small studio walk ups to luxury high rises!

Let the ride begin!



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