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Geez, I’ve been so slow in showing my Arizona trip photos.

Well, the last leg of it was the Grand Canyon.

I had never been before and it’s definitely a great sight to visit. I got there early in the morning and I definitely could have sat with my cup of coffee and looked at the view for hours.

Grand Canyon-1017PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1012PINIMAGE
Grand Canyon-1019PINIMAGE

Grand Canyon-1009PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1037PINIMAGEI also went mule riding along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Let me just say, your butt might not hurt while riding the mules, but the next day you will definitely feel it!
Grand Canyon-1031PINIMAGEMy mule was Little Jed. All he wanted to do was play. I had to keep steering him away from other mules so he wouldn’t try to play with them.
Grand Canyon-1059PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1034PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1039PINIMAGE

This is my attempt to take photos with one hand on the camera and the other hand steering the mule.

Grand Canyon-1051PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1052PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1054PINIMAGE
Grand Canyon-1056PINIMAGEThe Grand Canyon is definitely a site to see. I wish I would have spent a little more time and gone on hikes or something. But there’s always another time!



Chrissy Kim


I stopped at Horse Shoe Bend right after Antelope Canyon. It was a stop that wasn’t really planned. It was more like- “it’s really close by! It’s just a slight detour to the hotel!”
Horse Shoe Bend-1005PINIMAGEHorse Shoe Bend-1001PINIMAGEIt was definitely nice to sit and look at. And of course, it was fun to people watch as they were taking photos and waiting for the sun to go down.
Horse Shoe Bend-1004PINIMAGEI wish I had gone in the morning so the sun behind me, but oh well! Maybe next time!



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To go to Antelope Canyon you have to take a tour.

I decided to go with Navajo Antelope Canyon. Also, if you want to take photos with an SLR and tripod, you have to take a photo tour. I decided to go for tour 8 which takes you to 3 of the canyons – Upper antelope, Rattlesnake, and owl canyon.

Heres the entrance into Upper Antelope.
Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1003PINIMAGEAnd Inside. (Thankfully our guide stopped/blocked people from getting into our photos. And it’s not like you take a tour and it’s just your group. It’s different tour companys all coming in at the same time with their groups. So thankfully, because we were on a photo tour, our guide blocked people so we could take a few photos without people in it.)
Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1011PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1014PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1015PINIMAGE
Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1018PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1030PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1033PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1036PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1037PINIMAGE

Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1052PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1053PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1057PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1061PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1068PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1070PINIMAGE

Rattlesnake canyon. Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1083PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1084PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1094PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1095PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1097PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1098PINIMAGE

Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1101PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1102PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1106PINIMAGE

Owl CanyonAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1134PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1121PINIMAGE

Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1128PINIMAGE

I would definitely recommend Rattlesnake canyon because that’s where i enjoyed taking photos the most.



Chrissy Kim


After quitting my 9 to 5 job and before heading to New York, me and a friend/former coworker headed out to Arizona to go visit the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. On our way to Arizona, we stopped by Joshua Tree (in California).

I haven’t taken just landscape photos in a while. It was nice to just take in the surroundings.
Joshua Tree California-1002PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1004PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1006PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1007PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1008PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1014PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1016PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1018PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1019PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1020PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1023PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1025PINIMAGE
Joshua Tree California-1033PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1034PINIMAGE
Joshua Tree California-1036PINIMAGEI thought this was an interesting Trail…
Joshua Tree California-1038PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1042PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1043PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1044PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1047PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1060PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1061PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1063PINIMAGEBelieve it or not, that tree of branches was pretty prickly.Joshua Tree California-1068PINIMAGE

Most people camp and hike in Joshua Tree. We just kind of took a 2 hour detour and drove through and stopped and took photos at places we thought were interesting.



Chrissy Kim


The Shin Family. I love them! 5 sisters, and they all have girls so far. The only boys are the ones that married into the family.

Shin Family Portraits -1015PINIMAGEShin Family Portraits -1016PINIMAGEShin Family Portraits -1095PINIMAGEShin Family Portraits -1086PINIMAGE

Shin Family Portraits -1061PINIMAGE

I’ve known Liz since I was in high school.

Shin Family Portraits -1064PINIMAGE

Her oldest daughter was one of my first clients for portraits. And I was even able to do infant portraits for her second daughter! And I finally got to meet her 3rd daughter during this photo session! My style of editing has definitely changed since then!

Shin Family Portraits -1063PINIMAGEI got to meet Jackie and her family during this shoot.
Shin Family Portraits -1049PINIMAGE
Shin Family Portraits -1055PINIMAGE
I got to meet Teresa and her now husband (then fiance).

Shin Family Portraits -1072PINIMAGE
Shin Family Portraits -1074PINIMAGE

I also got to meet Anne and her husband.
Shin Family Portraits -1083PINIMAGEShin Family Portraits -1079PINIMAGEShin Family Portraits -1116PINIMAGE

And Joan I had met a little while back. And even took photos of her daughter when she was first born!

Shin Family Portraits -1076PINIMAGE

Shin Family Portraits -1112PINIMAGE5 sisters.
Shin Family Portraits -1104PINIMAGEShin Family Portraits -1101PINIMAGE

With their husbands.

Shin Family Portraits -1110PINIMAGEAnne, Joan, and Teresa  (they’re triplets) with their husbands.
Shin Family Portraits -1111PINIMAGE

The parents with the grandkids. Every time I look at this photo, it just makes me laugh.
Shin Family Portraits -1099PINIMAGE

Shin Family Portraits -1091PINIMAGE

I can’t wait to see who has the first boy!



Chrissy Kim