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Opening day of the Polo Club 2012 — Del Mar, San Diego, CA

I went to the opening day of the Polo Club this past weekend. It was my first time going to ‘watch’ a polo game. I would say I probably watched only a good 5 seconds of it and realized I had no clue what was going on.


(I just love how there is hair on my face because of the wind, and therefore, it looks like I have a unibrow..)


The national anthem being sung. PINIMAGE

The champagne divot stomp. I was expecting it o be a little bit more Pretty Woman glamorous. It was just a bunch of people standing around on the filed. PINIMAGE

Dogs really do take after their owners, especially poodles!

PINIMAGEThat will probably be the firs tand last polo game I ever go to. I enjoy the horse races a lot more 🙂



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