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NY Real Estate Feb 2017 – New York, New York

A lot of my photography these days consist of me taking photos of listings that I’m currently working on in the New York State Real Estate game.

Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, I thought I might just post some of my real estate photos that I use for marketing purposes.

My listings include areas all over New York City

Bushwick, Brooklyn

172 Wilson 3A-1006PINIMAGE172 Wilson 3A-1014PINIMAGE

Stuyvesant Heights (Bed-Stuy), Brooklyn

735 Greene-1004PINIMAGE735 Greene-1038PINIMAGE735 Greene-1024PINIMAGE

Upper East Side, Manhattan350 E 82-1002PINIMAGE

Battery Park City, Manhattan325 North End Ave 10Q-1006PINIMAGE325 North End Ave 10Q-1015PINIMAGE

Williamsburg, Brooklyn808 Driggs 4E-1006PINIMAGE808 Driggs 4E-1009PINIMAGE


I’ll try and post more photos of listings that I am working on, or have worked on 🙂



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