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New York City Real Estate – Renting and buying

Whether you rent of you buy -you will need to learn the art of compromising – distinguishing between what you need, want, and are wishing for.

Unless you’re part of the 1% of the uber rich, you’ll soon realize that somewhere along the line, (in Real Estate and anywhere else) you will have to compromise some of your needs into wants. Some of your needs hold greater bearing than some of your other needs. After visiting a few places you will learn that what you think you need, is something that you want, and what you want is really just what you’re wishing for. It’s all about compromising and figuring out what is more important to you.

I try to do my best and show my clients what is in there criteria, but sometimes there’s a give and take.

I always ask my clients the necessities – What location are you looking to be in? How many bedrooms?  And what are you comfortable spending on rent?

I like to first take my clients to the area they want to live in with their budget and room size.  Once they see it, it becomes clear what is important and what aspects they value more. Is area important? Is the size of the home important? Is the type of building important?

Price, location, size, type of building. Sometimes, you’re going to have to let 1 or 2 of them go. If you’re looking in a specific location for a specific price – you might have to give up on the size and type of building you want. If you’re set on a price and size of the apartment, you might have to be open on the location.

Throughout some of my blog posts, I’ll take you on a journey on what you can get throughout the city at certain price points and bedrooms.  Searching for what my clients wants is always fun because it allows me to get to know them better. Once we go to 1 or 2 places, I know what they’ll want and it’s always great to show them something that they fall in love with!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me through phone, text, email, comments, facebook, instagram, etc!



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