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My New Obsession — Pinterest

So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Pinterest, but it is absolutely my new obsession.

So you know when you see something online that you want to bookmark, well instead of actually bookmarking it, you can pin it!

It saves the picture onto one of your boards, and then if you click on the picture, it will take you back to the original post. So no more lame bookmarking.

You can create as many boards as you want, and pin as much stuff as you want to your boards..

Here are all my boards, Photos, I Want, Home/Decor, Before/After, Party Ideas, Wedding Inspiration, Places, Food, DIY, Kid Stuff, Organization, Printables.

I took a snap shot.





These photos are things that inspire me, or that I want to somewhat replicate.


I want


Most of the I want stuff are large bathrooms with awesome  tubs, or something home related.


Home Decor


How I want to decorate my future home(s).


Wedding Inspiration


I know, I’m not getting married anytime soon (I’m totally 100% single 🙂 ) but it’s never too early to start an inspiration board! Just some ideas on photos,save the dates, trash the dress, decorations, party favors.




Places around the world that just look beautiful and that I would love to travel to and take photos at.


Kid Stuff


Again, I’m nowhere near having a kid, but I like kids, and there are just some cute ideas and photo ideas.

I have a few more boards, but the snap shots weren’t as pretty 🙂

You can follow me on Pinterest (following the stuff I pin). Or if you want an invite to pinterest let me know!

I follow a few blogs online that I have bookmarked, so occassionaly I will pin things from those blogs, but usually how I pin things is I just go to the Pinterest home page, and click everything, so all the most recent pins show up and I just scroll through and look at them and start pinning.

Seriously, whoever thought of this is a genius. I love it. (You can also link it with your twitter so that things you pin you tweet as well, but I don’t really twitter).

You would think that the way I’m talking about this I’m on their marketing and promotions team, but I’m not. I just love this site!!



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