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Mila at 5 Months – She’s losing her baby teeth!

Mila is almost 5 months old!

About a week an a half ago I noticed that all 4 of her bottom teeth were missing!


She’s losing her baby teeth!

After that, I started checking her teeth every day.

Then she lost one of her top teeth.


And then, she lost another top tooth!


That top one she lost started growing in real fast.

Then her bottom teeth started to grow in and the top one.


And then, I noticed she lost another tooth!


Today, she lost another one of her top teeth.


And her other tooth started to grow in.


In a span of 2 weeks, she lost about 8 teeth. And I say about 8, because she could have lost more that I haven’t noticed. Like her two top front teeth. But I’m not sure.

While she was missing her 4 bottom teeth, and 2 top teeth she couldn’t chew on her food very well. It was quite sad. But, good thing they grew in fast.

It’s interesting, because a lot of people don’t know that dogs also lose their teeth because they just swallow them. I talked to some peopel at the dog park, and they said they only noticed when they were vacuuming and noticed a tooth on the ground.

I only noticed, because I’m ALL UP in my dog’s business.

Now enough of her teeth, heres a photo of her on her back.


I like to call this one- Little Bunny Foo Foo.



Chrissy Kim



  • Bliss Danapr - Awww 😍 how cute! My five months old min pin just lost one of her big teeth and had lost 2 of her small front teeth last month!

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