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Hurricane Sandy 2012

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m safe.

Me and my sister actually headed to San Francisco for a Wedding on Saturday.

Our flight back to New York on Monday got Cancelled. And then our changed flight to Tuesday got cancelled as well.

Thankfully Virgin America didn’t make us stay in San Francisco for a few days. They let us catch a flight down to Los Angeles. My sister got the last seat to New York leaving on Wednesday (so she’s just staying in Los Angeles).

And I decided to head back to New York on Friday. So in the mean time I’m in San Diego, avoiding the storm. My dog, Mila on the otherhand didn’t travel with me so she’s been in New York! I hope she’s doing ok!

I hope everyone in New York, actually the east coast is doing ok.

I had unknowingly and thankfully was on the West Coast.




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