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Grand Canyon 2015 – Arizona

Geez, I’ve been so slow in showing my Arizona trip photos.

Well, the last leg of it was the Grand Canyon.

I had never been before and it’s definitely a great sight to visit. I got there early in the morning and I definitely could have sat with my cup of coffee and looked at the view for hours.

Grand Canyon-1017PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1012PINIMAGE
Grand Canyon-1019PINIMAGE

Grand Canyon-1009PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1037PINIMAGEI also went mule riding along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Let me just say, your butt might not hurt while riding the mules, but the next day you will definitely feel it!
Grand Canyon-1031PINIMAGEMy mule was Little Jed. All he wanted to do was play. I had to keep steering him away from other mules so he wouldn’t try to play with them.
Grand Canyon-1059PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1034PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1039PINIMAGE

This is my attempt to take photos with one hand on the camera and the other hand steering the mule.

Grand Canyon-1051PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1052PINIMAGEGrand Canyon-1054PINIMAGE
Grand Canyon-1056PINIMAGEThe Grand Canyon is definitely a site to see. I wish I would have spent a little more time and gone on hikes or something. But there’s always another time!



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