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Gaslamp view from the Andaz Hotel — San Diego, CA

I have always wanted to take night photos of the view of the Gaslamp (downtown San Diego) from the roof of the Andaz Hotel (formerly known as the Ivy Hotel).

So I was in downtown taking photos of something else. And since I had my camera on me, I figured I should take the opportunity.

So I asked the general manager if I could go in and take a few pictures of the view from the roof. So that way I had permission, and if anyone asked me what I was doing I could say that I already got permission to be up there taking photos. 🙂

So I got permission, but then I didn’t want to be that 1 random person who’s on the roof by themselves (minus the staff) before it opened climbing on the couches trying to take photos above the glass window pane. So I just took a few photos with the glass.

Sorry for the reflections, but I really didn’t want to be that 1 weirdo and have everyone wondering what the heck I was doing. Nor did I want to move the furniture for a better view and somehow fall and hurt myself.



I like view because you get to see Petco Park (where the Padres play) from a distance.  I wanted to take photos before baseball season ended so that way the ball park would be all lit up.


Some buildings looking towards Horton Plaza Mall.


That’s it.  This post was sort of short, and not that great.

But, I heard that taking photos from Petco Park and night actually has some good shots as well. I will have to try that one day 🙂



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