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Flex – Pressurized Wall – Bookcase Wall – New York Real Estate

You might be wondering what it means to flex a room. It means that you have an option of what to do with the space and how you want to configure it.

For instance, you could have a 1 bedroom with a large living area. You could flex it into a 2 bedroom. You can cut into the living room to make it smaller to add an additional bedroom.

Or, you might have a separate dining alcove that is not utilized, you could flex that into a bedroom.

The question you may now have is – How do you flex it?

Depending on where you live there are a few different options. You can use a full pressurized wall, a bookcase wall, or even free standing furniture. In NYC, there are few places that allow full pressurized walls. A lot of buildings if they allow walls will allow a bookcase wall. Bookcase walls have a 12 inch gap from the top, and will have pocket doors.

The photo below is an example of a bookcase wall.


Who gets bookcase walls?

It is great for roommate situations and students!

With the photo above, that specific unit is a studio with alcove. The bookcase wall made 2 bedrooms in the studio, and what they ended up having left over was the kitchen and alcove area (which can be made into a living room).

Adding rooms definitely helps out when you’re looking for a place with a roommate. It helps cut down on the rent because instead of a studio, you are now getting a 2 bedroom!


If you were wondering what Flexing a room was, I hope this was helpful information!



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