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Esme’s 2nd Birthday Party – Bay Ridge, NY

Happy 2nd Birthday Esme! Her Birthday theme was Cats and Cupcakes!

Esme Birthday-1002PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1001PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1025PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1207PINIMAGE

The red wagon was a hit! Esme Birthday-1021PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1017PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1141PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1163PINIMAGE

Time for Cake! Esme Birthday-1201PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1202PINIMAGE

Kids, they love cupcakes and cake!
Esme Birthday-1211PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1212PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1214PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1217PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1233PINIMAGE

2 year olds.. They are so fun to watch!

Esme Birthday-1038PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1076PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1099PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1122PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1153PINIMAGE

Esme Birthday-1256PINIMAGEHappy 2nd Birthday Esme!

Esme Birthday-1263PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1264PINIMAGEEsme Birthday-1239PINIMAGE



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