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DIY Library Card Catalog

A friend of mine got a library card catalog a few years ago and painted it. Ever since she got it, I’ve been wanting one. Actually, we were together and she found it, and I told her if she didn’t buy it, I would… She bought it..

Fast forward a few years later to the present.

I finally found a couple of library card catalogs. (I’ve been searching religiously for a decent priced one that was in Southern California and not in the mid east or east coast)


I was deciding between a couple of different options…


Paint it white like she did (this one isn’t hers).


I decided not to paint it white so I wouldn’t be copying exactly what she had.


Then I decided, should I give it a dark stain?


Or should I give it color?


And then.. I found this beauty online. PINIMAGE

I LOVED everything about it. The color, the way that instead of stacking 2 shelves ontop of each other they were placed side by side!


I decided, I did not want to ruin this project… So that I would just need to hire someone to do what I wanted.

I had them stain the wood. Make a top and bottom for it. As I didn’t like the top, as there would only be top for half of it if I put them side by side. And I didn’t like the legs, and I would only have legs for one side again.

A horrible photo of what I started off with. (dont judge me on this photo)


So I got the top and bottom made.  Got the wood stained. Added wood to the bottom of the drawers. Cleaned the bronze. Bought some Hairpin legs.

And my end result…

I do apologize for not having any before, during and after photos as I hired someone else to do this for me.

But I did order my legs from Hairpin Legs.


I’m so glad to finally get this awesome piece of furniture into my place. It looks great!




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