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Dinner in Hongdae with Richard–Hongadae-Seoul, South Korea

It’s really sad when I know people that are visiting Korea and they know Korea better than I do. I’ve been living in Korea for 4 1/2 months, 3 of those months in Seoul. It definitely goes out to show that I don’t go out that much.

Anyways, my buddy Richard came to Korea on a business trip last weekend. Apparently he’s in Korea all the time.

Anyways, Richard has owed me a drink for probably 3 years now. I think after I turned 21 he told me he would take me out for a drink. I don’t really remember, but every time I see Richard, which isn’t too often (maybe like once a year?) I tell him he owes me a drink..

Well that drink has grown some interest. So he had to take me out to eat. I know I’m supposed to be the host and all, since he’s visiting Korea so I’m supposed to pay, but it’s something that he owed me. I paid for drinks after dinner, so that should make up for it right?

Anyways we went to go eat meat. He ordered enough for 4 people, and he probably only ate enough for 1 and I ate the rest. I was wondering why he was ordering so much food, thinking he would eat it all. That was sooo not it.


We met up in Hongdae, remember I had a post about it before? It’s the part of Korea thats kind of more artsy and with the graffiti.

Well this was right after the G20 summit so there was G20 art.


After dinner we met up with one of Richard’s old coworkers and went to a bar called Cheers and had some fruit and beer. After eating meat, I felt like I needed something healthy.


I look super fat. I think its because i ate enough for 3 people. And at work I had parent teacher conferences all week and had to go into work on the weekend to do speaking tests for the newly enrolled kids. Ok, I just look plain fat and tired in this picture.


Let me explain to you the type of friend Richard is. I got the beauty marks on my face removed and told him I have to wear a specific kind of  band aid on each of the spots I got removed for a week. He responded with “ewww.. do your kids make fun of you?”

It’s ok though, everytime I see him I will tell him he owes me a drink ;p


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