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Crazy things happening, and a new project coming

So there has been some crazy things that have happened the past few days in my life and with the people I know.

Because my mind has been everywhere, while backing into my tandem garage, I hit my side mirror along the entrance wall. So my mirror was dangling, some of the hinges came off, and that silver hood part came off..


This was the first accident I had with my car. And of course, it had to be with myself  🙁

So I went to the auto body shop, the guy popped it back in.

He kept saying it was funny.

I told him-No, it’s not funny! It’s sad!

My side view mirror is no longer motorized. It is now a manual side view mirror.


So I’ve been fishing with an idea, and hopefully I can launch that idea by mid october. I can’t really tell you what it is, but hopefully it will be awesome! 🙂



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