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Before and After 2/13/2013

Sometimes people think that photographers are done as soon as they take the photo. That they go home and just upload the photos and deliver them to the clients.

That’s not the case at all.

Personally, I go through each and every single photo and change what I think needs to be done.

The way I edit is what the photo makes me feel. Sometimes, I just brighten colors up, other times I make photos with a softer tone, or a different color tone and even black and white.

I take the time and go through each photo. Even though a photo shoot can be 40 minutes, I can spend days even weeks going through the photos.

I usually change and edit what I feel seems fit for each photo. Then I take a break and don’t look at it for at least a day. I go through and make any adjustments that my eyes might have thought looked good before. Then I wait another day and see if I need to adjust anything else.

Here’s a photo with no edits. Just straight off the memory card.



Here’s my edited version.



I usually tell portrait clients photos will be ready in 2-4 weeks. That way I can go through my process of editing photos. The first round of edits might take a few hours or it might take a few days. And then I have 2 more rounds of edits! (Event’s take a little bit more time as they are often longer sessions)

I know as a client, you want your photos as soon as possible, but don’t rush your photographer!

I know for me, if it’s taking a bit longer than I expected, or if I’m really excited about the photos, I will show a preview of 1 or 2 photos to my clients.


I hope you liked this post about my personal editing process.

Please feel free to let me know if you want to know about another topic!




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