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August 2017 – Paragliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport – San Diego, CA

Since moving back to San Diego, I have been wanting to do some “touristy” things and explore the city a little bit more. I grew up here, but I feel like I have never really taken advantage of what San Diego has to offer.

One of my friends took me paragliding at Torrey Pines Gliderport and it was so much fun!

I’m one of those people who could do without being high up in the air. But I told myself not to be nervous and just to have fun and enjoy the view.

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEAnd I’m up in the air! 
PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEThere are so many beautiful homes along the cliff. 
PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEThe bird’s eye view makes you appreciate living by the coastline so much more! 
PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEThe famous Torrey Pines Golf Course
PINIMAGEPINIMAGEI definitely enjoyed this experience.  Once you’re up in the air, it is so nice and peaceful just taking in the sights. 



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