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Antelope Canyon – Page, AZ

To go to Antelope Canyon you have to take a tour.

I decided to go with Navajo Antelope Canyon. Also, if you want to take photos with an SLR and tripod, you have to take a photo tour. I decided to go for tour 8 which takes you to 3 of the canyons – Upper antelope, Rattlesnake, and owl canyon.

Heres the entrance into Upper Antelope.
Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1003PINIMAGEAnd Inside. (Thankfully our guide stopped/blocked people from getting into our photos. And it’s not like you take a tour and it’s just your group. It’s different tour companys all coming in at the same time with their groups. So thankfully, because we were on a photo tour, our guide blocked people so we could take a few photos without people in it.)
Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1011PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1014PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1015PINIMAGE
Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1018PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1030PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1033PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1036PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1037PINIMAGE

Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1052PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1053PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1057PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1061PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1068PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1070PINIMAGE

Rattlesnake canyon. Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1083PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1084PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1094PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1095PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1097PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1098PINIMAGE

Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1101PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1102PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1106PINIMAGE

Owl CanyonAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1134PINIMAGEAntelope Canyon-Page AZ-1121PINIMAGE

Antelope Canyon-Page AZ-1128PINIMAGE

I would definitely recommend Rattlesnake canyon because that’s where i enjoyed taking photos the most.



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