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A new chapter in my life– Korea

This post is going to be a little bit personal. I try not to put so much of my life in my blogs but rather describe an event and a story.  But this post will be a little bit different.

So I know that a lot of people are confused at what and where I am in my life.

I moved out of Los Angeles kind of abruptly. I thought that after my lease was over, I would stay in Los Angeles. But then things changed really quickly. I wanted to stay in Los Angeles,  (I was trying to figure out my living situations as things that were planned were not going as planned) I was trying to figure out what I would do.

I was looking into different options and was talking to a friend online. My friend told me that I should go to Korea. My friend was living in a 3 bedroom apartment all alone and that I could move in. My immediate response was “OK! But let me ask my parents!” I called my parents, and my parents said ok.

That was the beginning/mid June. I said I couldn’t come to Korea until at the earliest beginning of July. I had 2 weddings I needed to go to.

So after talking to my friend, it was decided that I would come and that I should come on an F4 visa. If you don’t have a visa you can stay in korea for up to 90 days (I think). With my visa I could stay in Korea for 2 years at a time, and work any type of job that I want. A lot of people come on an E2 visa and teach. But then you sign a 1 year contract with a school, and I didn’t want to be stuck somewhere if I didn’t like it.

So I know a lot of people have been wondering what I’m going to do out here. Well, the plan as of right now is to tutor people in English. Right now, I’m just kind of going with the flow. If I’m enjoying my time here, I’ll be staying for a while, if I don’t then I will be leaving. My parents told me even if I’m not having fun and having a hard time, I should at least stick it out for 1 year, and that I can’t have the mentality that I’m coming back in a few months. We’ll see how that goes.

Now what about photography? I know people have been asking me that question. Well, I know I will always have photography. It’s not like I am going to completely stop. Obviously, while I’m out here I’ll be lugging my camera around (and will hopefully be able to travel to different asian countries). But when I come back to the states, I know I will always have it there.

And I know some people are thinking, but I wanted you to be the photographer at my wedding. Well, I can still do it! It’s not like because I’m in korea I’m not ever gonna come back for vacations or anything. So I will be planning my vacations around the weddings I will be doing (that is if I’m still in korea for that long).

I feel that since I’m young and aren’t currently restricted or tied down to anything, this is the best time to explore the world and live somewhere different and have fun.

So good bye Southern California.  And hello Korea!

And here are some pictures from the plane ride. I rode Asiana. Which isn’t too bad. The seat reclined back more then I thought it would, there was enough leg room and of course my own screen where I watched a bunch of movies.

Leaving the good old U.S. of A.


I’ve always wanted to take pictures of the clouds.


My first meal on the plane.


Bibimbap and of course my OB beer.

More clouds.


No longer over the Pacific Ocean, but able to see Korean landscape.



And of course, as we are landing it’s raining. Apparently it’s monsoon season. Great.


Anyways, that’s it for now. And hopefully I will get situated to the time difference soon.

We’ll see what adventures come my way 🙂


Chrissy Kim

  • Daniel - Good luck!

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