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2015 Trip – Joshua Tree, California

After quitting my 9 to 5 job and before heading to New York, me and a friend/former coworker headed out to Arizona to go visit the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. On our way to Arizona, we stopped by Joshua Tree (in California).

I haven’t taken just landscape photos in a while. It was nice to just take in the surroundings.
Joshua Tree California-1002PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1004PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1006PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1007PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1008PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1014PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1016PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1018PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1019PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1020PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1023PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1025PINIMAGE
Joshua Tree California-1033PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1034PINIMAGE
Joshua Tree California-1036PINIMAGEI thought this was an interesting Trail…
Joshua Tree California-1038PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1042PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1043PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1044PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1047PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1060PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1061PINIMAGEJoshua Tree California-1063PINIMAGEBelieve it or not, that tree of branches was pretty prickly.Joshua Tree California-1068PINIMAGE

Most people camp and hike in Joshua Tree. We just kind of took a 2 hour detour and drove through and stopped and took photos at places we thought were interesting.



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