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2014 New Years Resolution

I’ve decided to make a few new years resolutions.. And I thought I would share it so that I get kept accountable for it!

-A blog post at least once a week. (Lately, my posts have been so random and have had long stretches of time) I want to keep you readers active and I want to keep sharing with everyone.

-Because I will be posting a blog once a week, I need to make sure I use my camera at least once a week.

-Put two stamps in my passport. (Last year I only put one stamp in it –Cabo, so this year, I have to double that at the least)

-Live a healthier more positive lifestyle. (Eat healthy and not be such a negative nancy)

-Be more social (I tend to enjoy just staying at home and watching tv then going out and being social)

Happy 2014!! Let’s make this year a great one!!

Chrissy Kim



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