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2012 New Years Resolution

I never really make new years resolutions.

But I decided to make some for 2012.


365 project. Take a photo every day, post a photo every day (Even if it’s just with my camera phone and not my actual camera).

You can follow some of my randomness and random photos through instagram @chrissykimphotography. I just linked it to my twitter @chrissykimphoto.

I have a list of things/topics/subjects to take photos of. I’ve been looking at other peoples 365 project topics.


– Live a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t know me very well, I get very tired easily, and I sleep a lot. I went to the doctors the other day to make sure there’s nothing actually wrong with me. So hopefully, the results come back saying that I’m not anemic or that there’s anything actually wrong with me.

I also need to exercise, and eat more healthy.

I already try to eat healthy, but I really need to cut back on the Mexican food.


Read a little bit each day. I need to schedule some time every day to read. I have a lot of books on my To Read list, and I need to make a dent in that list.


-Don’t stress over the little things. If you know me well, my body doesn’t handle stress very well.

I need to not take things too personal. (except when it comes to photography and editing).

A quote I found on pinterest — “Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life”.


Travel. This past year, I was blessed to have lived in Korea, travel to China twice, and go to a few islands in the Philippines. I want to travel more, and explore the world a little bit more, even if it’s just within the United States.

I do want to go on a Safari trip in Africa **fingers crossed** It probably won’t happen in 2012, but hopefully it will sometime in my life.



Ok that’s really it. There’s no point in putting something I will not achieve, like losing weight and stuff like that :p

Just have to live positively in 2012 and be happy with what I’ve got!



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