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1040 Premiere

Friday March 12 was the premiere of 1040. It was at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) in West Hollywood.

It is a documentary of Christianity in the new Asia.

I didn’t take too many pictures at the premiere because I wasn’t officially ‘press’ even though I had a press badge.

I think I just went because I wanted to take a picture of MC Hammer 😉

Here’s Carl Choi, he was the executive producer of the movie.


Here is MC Hammer. I believe he is talking to Jason Ma.


And here’s a group picture of people that were involved with the movie. MC Hammer, Jason Ma, Sean (from the korean hip hop group Jinusean), Carl Choi, and I’m not sure who the last fellow is.


Can you see the LINK booth in the back? Libery in North Korea.

Anyways, yeah. I wanted to take a picture of MC Hammer 🙂


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