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Camping August 2014 – Rancho Cuyamaca Paso Picacho

I went camping with some friends this past weekend..

I love the outdoors.. the fresh air.. the trees.. the scenery… (just not all the bugs!)

It was a great time with great friends!

Where we slept for 2 nights.


Our canopy to keep the bugs away from the food (yeah, we put this up inside out)img-1013

Food, Drinks and fun!img-1012img-1015img-1054

Beer pong, ladder golf, and cornhole.img-1048img-1051img-1002img-1028img-1029img-1033img-1034img-1043img-1045(the worst beer pong partners. The got 1 ball in.. the other team have all but one cup left…)img-1046img-1049img-1050img-1052img-1027

Can’t wait til we do something again!



Chrissy Kim

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Yacht Wedding San Diego Marina June 2014– San Diego, CA

Earlier this month I was able to shoot a wedding on a Yacht in San Diego.

It was my first wedding on a boat!

It was definitely a lot of fun and a different experience!

**Due to the privacy for the Bride and Groom, I am unable to share photos of them but am able to of their guests.


My first time to a wedding with a Groom’s cake.img-1147img-1140img-1139img-1103img-1102img-1100img-1089img-1094img-1096




Chrissy Kim

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